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Polyvagal Theory Part 1: The Wandering Nerve

The polyvagal theory is a neurobiological theory relating social engagement, physiology, and developmental outcomes. When I was first learning the theory, I struggled to understand some of the theory’s basic terms and could not find a resource that simplified it. Therefore, this three–part series of articles is intended to serve as an introduction to the theory. 

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On Essena O’Neill, #fitspo, and the “real-ness” of social media.

Essena O'Neill, the former teen Instagram model made the decision to quit Instagram after growing disillusioned and unhappy with the staged nature of her social media presence. Before deleting her Instagram account, Essena recaptioned all of her photographs to reflect her true experiences when they were taken and posted.

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Me, Myselfie, and I: The Psychological Impact of Social Media Activity

Recent research has documented how technology, and social networking sites in particular, have given rise to a growing obsession with impression management and self-presentation online. This raises an important question: Are our relationships with social media healthy? 

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